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“Places of healing and repose are moments away. Find them in the world around you. Then discover those places in yourself. The universe holds the antidote for your fears and agitation. It offers all the healing you need. That healing is right around the corner.”

Melodie Beattie, Journey to the Heart




Whether you are new to therapy or not, chances are there are changes you’d like to see in your life. While I believe that every person has the capacity within them for healing, I have also learned that a trusted therapeutic relationship can greatly enhance the healing process. I thoroughly believe in each individual's right to not only move beyond past hurt and trauma, but to live their most authentic, glittering, and thriving life!

  • Individual Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Consultations


I graduated with an MSW from Tulane School of Social Work in 2017 with a certification in Disaster Mental Health and Trauma Studies. Since then, my experience as a therapist has encompassed work with LGBTQ+ community members, veterans, adolescents, individuals with a history of trauma, as well as those experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, boundary challenges, relationship and communication concerns, as well as self-esteem issues. I rely on my vast experience of certifications and trainings in my work, including CBT, ACT, IFS, trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness, expressive arts therapy, and somatic practices. I believe in offering an integrative and eclectic approach to therapy consisting of each individual’s unique needs.

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